In this course, you will :

  • learn exaclty what good posture is and why it is important
  • learn how poor posture causes spinal compression and pain
  • learn to idenitfy your own unique postural habits
  • learn how to lengthen and decompress your spine
  • learn how to pracitce this so it will be sustainable
  • learn exericses to support your posture work
  • learn valuable rest positions
  • be given insight into how to shift the postural patterns for the next generation
  • have access to a Facebook group that offers one of one support and feedback

Know your Coach

Heather Snyder Ippolito is a Posture Coach, using the Alexander Technique, yoga and pilates, to help people suffering from chronic pain caused by harmful postural habits. She educates people on healthy ways to use their body so they can move and live without pain. Heather analyzes exactly what in a person's posture and movement pattern is causing them pain and discomfort and teaches them how to make positive and sustainable changes. Heather has been teaching the Alexander Technique, yoga and pilates for over 15 years and has helped hundreds of people find freedom from pain and more strength and ease in their bodies. Heather has a deep commitment to helping people and absoslutely loves what she does.